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How Mogul Makes It Possible For HR Departments To End Sexual Harassment

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2017/11/22 - 5:10pm

It started as a drip, drip, drip — men being fired for sexual harassment and abuse — such as Roger Ailes, Travis Kalanick and Bill O’Reilly. Then it became a trickle: Justin Caldbeck and assorted male venture capitalists no longer had their jobs. Now it’s a waterfall — Harvey Weinstein and many more have been exposed as the predators that they are.

Audrey Froggatt

Mogul team

Women — en masse — stepped forward to tell their stories as part of the #MeToomovement. In the past, the victim was not believed. Instead, she was blamed, shamed and demonized. Some still arebut things have changed … finally. Women are being believed.

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