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Mark Gold

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Monday, October 31, 2016 - 2:23pm

During the past six months 2020 Startups developed an environment that spawns success.

In the first two rounds of the 2020 Startups program, dubbed as Q3 and Q4 (corresponding to the year's Business Quarter), 2020 has established itself as an ecosystem for visionaries, a growth-hacking incubator and a result-driven Accelerator Program - all in one.

At 2020 Startups, in just 90-Days, an entrepreneur and their startup will undergo a remarkable transformation making their business viable, sustainable, scalable and attractive for both investors and consumers.

The 2020 Startups case study of Q3 2016 demonstrates the various success stories experienced by a diverse group of participants within the 90-Day Program.

It is both remarkable and revolutionary to see what one can achieve from the 2020 three-month program.  It's not just promises, it's the ROI we've all been dreaming about.

Recognized by top publications, industry leaders and Fortune 500, we aim to show you how 2020 Startups is revolutionizing the startup industry and why you should apply today. 

Mark Gold is the managing director of 2020 Startups, and a Personal Brand Manager with clients from Bravo, Shark Tank, and Wall St.