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Toby Daniels

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Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 9:13am

By Toby Daniels, 

“As elements of language evolve and morph into something new, we inevitably become more reliant on the technology that enables them.”

In a 2011 Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Marc Andreessen famously claimed that software was eating the world. In his piece he stated that over the next 10 years most industries will be disrupted by software in some form or another.

While it’s true that the onward march of innovation has disrupted and in some cases dismantled entire industries, we are also seeing an even more profound change, which we believe will result in the greatest shift in human communication in our history.  It is this shift that will serve as the focus of our global theme for 2017:  Language and the Machine, which will look at how algorithms are changing the way we connect and communicate.

Software is Eating Our Words

Toby Daniels is the Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week, a worldwide conference and publishing platform in 18 cities that captures, curates and shares the best ideas, trends and innovations into how social media and technology impact our business and society.