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#UnderConstruction | Why A Supply Chain Meetup in New York?

Submitted by editor on Sun, 2017/09/10 - 6:54pm

The goal of this blog post is to explain why I believe strongly that New York Needs A Supply Chain Meetup. You can join The New York Supply Chain Meetup here.

By many estimates, supply chain inefficiencies impose significant overhead costs on corporations, and on the world as a whole. When one reads about the global systemic problems that people at the United Nations, The World Bank, The World Economic Forum, The G20, and other multinational bodies are thinking about and trying to solve, the theme of supply chain inefficiency cuts across all the problems. This is a big problem – I will try to outline the size of the problem in a separate post.

According to Martin Christopher a Supply Chain is;

A network of connected and interdependent organisations mutually and co-operatively working together to control, manage and improve the flow of materials and information from suppliers to end users.

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