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What’s up with all the coworking space directories?

Submitted by editor on Wed, 2017/03/29 - 8:43am

It’s official – there are a bazillion coworking spaces. And as a result there are plenty of people who might be interested in coworking but are left confused. In this brand new jungle, people need a knowledgeable guide.

That’s where coworking space directories come in. Companies like LiquidSpaceShareDeskDesksNearMePickspace and newcomers like Raaly are leading the charge by making the industry more approachable and personalized. No longer do people have to rely on word of mouth to find the right space. Now users are empowered to search, filter, receive information and book coworking spaces online via convenient and easy-to-use interfaces.

But since there are a bazillion coworking spaces, there are quite a number of coworking space directories. This has led to a fair amount of differentiation.

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