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Adobe InDesign Level I

Adobe InDesign Level I


Manhattan Edit Workshop
119 W 23rd St
Ste 700
New York, NY 10011
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Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 6:00am


Our two day course will provide you with the core skills you need to make the most of this extremely powerful application. Adobe InDesign software lets you focus on your layout, with the flexibility to publish your pages to a wide range of media. Whether youre creating print or digital documents, you can save time with online services that integrate with and are directly accessible from InDesign, as well as other substantial productivity enhancements. Whether you need to reposition an image within a frame or change the radius of a rounded corner, InDesign helps you work more efficiently. A robust set of new tools let designers create interactive documents that capture readers attention both online and offline. Now you can include complex interactivity, animation, flv video (a popular online video format), and mp3 audio files within InDesign documents. InDesign makes it easier to export documents in swf format, hand off layouts to Adobe flash professional software, and produce epub documents for use with popular ebook readers and devices. InDesign has everything you need to lay out memorable and engaging pages in print or digital format. Who should attend: Producers, editors, assistant editors and motion graphics artists interested in learning the basics of Adobe InDesign. Prerequisite: Basic MAC OS X Knowledge Adobe InDesign: An Introduction of Adobe InDesign Course Outline (2 Days) Introducing the Workspace Looking at the workspace Working with panels Customizing the workspace Changing the magnification of a document Navigating through a document Using context menus Modifying Interface preferences Exploring on your own Getting to Know InDesign Viewing guides Preflighting as you work Adding text Working with styles Working with graphics Working with objects Working with object styles Viewing the document in Presentation mode Exploring on your own Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages Creating and saving custom document settings Creating a new document Switching between open InDesign documents Working with master pages Applying master pages to document pages Adding new document pages Rearranging and deleting document pages Changing the size of pages Adding sections to change page numbering Overriding master page items on document pages and placing text and graphics Viewing the completed spread Exploring on your own Working with Objects Working with layers Creating and modifying text frames Creating and modifying graphics frames Adding metadata captions to graphics frames Placing and linking graphics frames Changing the shape of a frame Wrapping text around a graphic Modifying the shape of frames Transforming and aligning objects Selecting and modifying grouped objects Creating a QR code Finishing up Flowing Text Flowing text into an existing frame Flowing text manually Creating text frames while flowing text Flowing text automatically Creating threaded frames automatically Resizing text frames automatically Adding a jump line page number Exploring on your own Editing Text Finding and changing a missing font Entering and importing text Finding and changing text and formatting Checking spelling Editing text by dragging and dropping Using the Story Editor Tracking changes Working with Typography Adjusting vertical spacing Changing fonts and type styles Fine-tuning columns Changing paragraph alignment Creating a drop cap Adjusting letter and word spacing Adjusting line breaks Setting tabs Adding a rule above a paragraph Working with Color Managing color Defining printing requirements Creating and applying colors Working with gradients Creating a tint Creating a spot color Applying colors to text and objects Using advanced gradient techniques Working with Styles Creating and applying paragraph styles Creating and applying character styles Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles Creating and applying object styles Creating and applying table and cell styles Globally updating styles Loading styles from another document Importing and Modifying Graphics Adding graphics from other programs Comparing vector and bitmap graphics Managing links to imported files Updating revised graphics Adjusting display quality Working with clipping paths Working with alpha channels Importing native Adobe graphics files Using a library to manage objects Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics Printing and Exporting Preflighting files Packaging files Creating an Adobe PDF proof

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