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Adobe Photoshop CC Core Skills: Level 2

Adobe Photoshop CC Core Skills: Level 2


ONLC Training Centers
991 Route 22 W
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Jersey City, NJ 08807
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018 -
10:00am to 4:45pm


Once you gain a foundation and some experience using Core Skills, you are ready for Level 2 training. IMPORTANT: To ensure you have the necessary skills for successful participation in the Level 2 training for Photoshop, please carefully review the topics included in the Level 1 course for Photoshop. In Level 2 classes, content is covered at a faster pace and additional focus is placed on use of shortcuts and real world 'tips and tricks' to improve your workflow. Each lesson includes unique and challenging project files. The Level 2 class also goes more thoroughly into advanced topics with some of the project files from our Level 1 courses. *** Version Note *** Our Creative Cloud classes upgrade to the latest CC version as soon as new training materials are released from Adobe. Typically new content is available within 2 to 4 months of a software release. Preparing for Certification: Our Adobe classes use "Official Training Workbooks from Adobe" which are in alignment with the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exams. For individuals seeking certification, we offer Certification Bundles which include training, practice exams, certification study guides, and test vouchers--everything that you will need to successfully obtain Adobe certification. Prerequisites: Students should have experience with Photoshop and working knowledge of the skills covered in Core Skills: Level 1. Specifically, you should know the work area, be able to do basic photo selections and corrections, as well as understand layering, masks and channels. Course Outline Quick Fixes Getting started Improving a snapshot Adjusting facial features with Liquify Blurring a background Creating a panorama Filling empty areas when cropping Correcting image distortion Extending depth of field Moving objects with the Content-Aware Move tool Adjusting perspective in an image Vector Drawing Techniques About bitmap images and vector graphics About paths and the Pen tool Getting started Drawing with the Pen tool Working with defined custom shapes Importing a Smart Object Adding color and depth to a shape using layer styles Advanced Compositing Getting started Arranging layers Using Smart Filters Painting a layer Adding a background Using the History panel to undo edits Upscaling a low-resolution image Painting with the Mixer Brush About the Mixer Brush Getting started Selecting brush settings Mixing colors Creating a custom brush preset Mixing colors with a photograph Editing Video Getting started About the Timeline panel Creating a new video project Animating text with keyframes Creating effects Adding transitions Adding audio Muting unwanted audio Rendering video Working with Camera Raw Getting started About camera raw files Processing files in Camera Raw Applying advanced color correction Preparing Files for the Web Getting started Using layer groups to create button graphics Automating a multistep task Designing with artboards Producing and Printing Consistent Color Preparing files for printing Performing a zoom test Identifying out-of-gamut colors Adjusting an image Converting an image to CMYK About color management Specifying color-management settings Proofing an image on screen Saving the image as a CMYK EPS file Printing a CMYK image from Photoshop

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