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Advanced QuickBooks

Advanced QuickBooks


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Thursday, December 27, 2018 -
10:00am to 5:00pm


Advanced QuickBooks Class Overview This Advanced QuickBooks class for the traditional PC Desktop software will not only cover such QuickBooks functions including running, customizing and memorizing reports, as well as memorizing individual transactions, batch invoicing customers, learning how to track your money spent that is earmarked as a reimbursement from your customer (AKA Job Costing). We will also customize a template (such as an invoice form) so that it can be used more for your specific purposes. Level 2 concentrates mostly on the higher level functionality, as not everyone needs to learn these functions for a small business. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Run & Analyze reports Customize Forms Work with Credit Card Accounts Do Bank Reconciliation Manage Inventory Do Job Estimating, Time Tracking, & Job Costing Advanced QuickBooks Class Outline Quick Review A short review of QuickBooks Level I Class Running & Analyzing reports Modifying and Memorizing Reports Customizing and Filtering Reports Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel Saving as PDF files Customizing Forms Modifying a QuickBooks Form Downloading Template Working with Credit Card Accounts Entering a new CC Account Entering transactions for CC Account Reconciling CC account Paying CC account Bank Reconciliation Reconciling Bank Accounts Managing Inventory Entering Products into Inventory Ordering Products Receiving and Paying for Inventory Selling Your Product Creating Product Invoices Making Cash Sales for Services Manually Adjusting Inventory Estimating, Time Tracking, & Job Costing Creating Job Estimates Creating an Invoice from an Estimate Updating the Job Status Tracking Time Entering Payroll Outside Payroll Service QuickBooks Payroll

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