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WCF Programming Using VB.NET

WCF Programming Using VB.NET


Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc.
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New York, NY
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Monday, February 26, 2018 -
9:00am to 5:00pm


This course provides students with hands on experience using Visual Studio to create service-oriented applications using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and VB.NET. The class provides a thorough introduction to the VB.NET programming language, including coverage of the essentials of the VB.NET programming language, built in data types, operators, control structures, classes and methods. Students then learn how to leverage the power of the .NET Framework to build Web Service applications that interoperate with consumer applications including other platforms and technologies. Students Will Learn: Using Visual Studio to create VB.NET applications Working with .NET data types Creating variables with the proper scope and using operators to build complex expressions Designing and using classes Using control structures such as If, While and For Using procedures to build complex applications Throwing and trapping exceptions using the Try and Catch statements Using single and multi-dimensional arrays Working with .NET collections Using LINQ to make queries Defining and implementing interfaces Working with enumerations Service-oriented architecture Web Services implementation Binding options Defining service contracts Defining data contracts WCF security options Hosting WCF services Choosing WCF bindings Managing service instances Fault handling WCF routing control Students will learn how to configure addresses, bindings, and service and data contracts as well as how to use various techniques for developing endpoints to allow communication between consumer applications and the web services provider. The course includes coverage of instance management, fault handling, and security. Students will learn how to use the WCF Routing Service for load balancing, content-based routing, and protocol bridging. Comprehensive labs and exercises provide the students with experience creating both content server and consumer applications. This course provides thorough coverage of the use of Windows Communication Foundation for service-oriented applications. Students requiring additional coverage of ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation should contact HOTT or refer to HOTT's complete course listing for additional training courses. Course Prerequisites: Prior experience with a scripting or programming language is required. Note: Classes do not have fixed location. Prior to each class they examine the geographical location of the enrolled students and then select a venue that will provide most convenient overall access for the students. Classes are held in hotel conference rooms and exact location is determined 2 weeks prior to the course date.

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