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Where to Focus Your SEO Efforts in 2020, Tue, Apr 7, 6-7pm ET

Where to Focus Your SEO Efforts in 2020, Tue, Apr 7, 6-7pm ET


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Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 6:00pm


Let's face it ...SEO is a lot of work! There are just so many things to know and do. 

Doing things the wrong way gets you nowhere fast and wastes tons of money. But, if you do the things Google wants you to do, success will follow!

Come join Certified SEO Instructor Steve Scott for this informative Seminar where he'll go through the 14 areas you should be thinking about to succeed online in 2020.

Instructor Bio

Steve Scott has been studying the art and science of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing since 1997. He is the founder and owner of both the Tampa and New York SEO Training Academy which provides SEO Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing Services to company's around the globe.

Steve also serves as Vice President of the Search Engine Academy, a global network of SEO educators that teach live in-person workshops around the world.  As chairman of the Academy's Education Committee, Steve helps determine what will be taught and creates the material used by the Academy's network of trainers.  He is currently celebrating his 14th year teaching Search Engine Optimization Workshops and truly loves helping students make sense of SEO.

In addition to training, Steve's Digital Marketing company continues to help business owners worldwide create a powerful online presence for their brands by offering them Search Engine Optimization, Website Design & Development, Pay-Per-Click, Local Search and Social Media services and more.

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