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Write for Results

Write for Results


1040 Avenue of the Americas
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Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 5:00am


Business Context You rush to your desk after back-to-back meetings and quickly churn out several important emails and a time-sensitive report. Document by document you write as quickly as you can, hit spell check, and send them on their way. But later you wonderhow well did I communicate my ideas? How easy will it be for my reader to use my information? Challenge & Solution Business professionals write more today than ever before. Emails, proposals, and reports are just a few of the documents people have to write on a regular basis. How do you write quickly AND clearly while also striking the right tone? Exec-Comms Write for Results program helps you write clear, concise emails by simplifying and focusing your writing process. Participant Benefits After participating in this program, you will: Write shorter documents Engage the reader with an active voice Prepare results-oriented emails Create persuasive proposals and informative reports Organize information effectively Edit documents quickly Interactive Learning You will upload writing samples to ECLearn before the program. An Exec-Comm instructor will assess your writing strengths and areas for growth. During the program, you will practice with written exercises both individually and in small groups. Then you will immediately apply the concepts to your own writing.

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