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A is for AI ! (The Product Group April 2018)



iHeartMedia Theater
32 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10013
United States


Thursday, April 5, 2018 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm



Share, learn & network with fellow Product Managers at The Product Group. Some topics to expect...

- Lean AI w/ Guest Expert, Chris Butler - & more...

Featured Product: Clarifai RSVP @

Lean AI shows organizations how they can automate routine to make space for innovation. Any team that is working on hard, meaningful, and purpose-driven problems could benefit from AI/ML, but without the right focus you may end up building toys. It requires the wisdom of people and systems to turn it into something actionable and something that can be trusted. We do this through human-centred research and rapid prototyping. Chris Butler has over 17 years of product experience and has worked on AI-related projects at his startup Complete Seating (data science and constraint programming), Horizon Ventures (advising portfolio companies like Affectiva), and Philosophie (Lean AI consulting).

From Abhishek Mathur... "I'm a Senior Product Manager at Clarifai ( ), a computer vision startup based out of New York. We use machine learning (specifically, deep learning) to understand images and videos and enable businesses to leverage our cutting-edge technology through APIs. Our customers use our technology to automatically moderate user-generated content, enhance product search using visual similarity, and organize their digital media collection. During the meetup, I'll be going over how we make one of the most complex areas of artificial intelligence (computer vision) accessible to all businesses/developers. I will also go in-depth on how some of our customers have realized value through our technology!"


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