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Data for Good Exchange (D4GX) 2017



Bloomberg LLP
731 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
United States


Sunday, September 24, 2017 -
8:30am to 5:30pm


On Sunday, September 24th, 2017, we will reconvene our community to deepen our mutual understanding. The theme for this year’s edition will be “With Great Data comes Great Responsibility,” or how data science can be applied to solve public interest problems without losing its soul.

The data revolution has enabled businesses to provide better service, at lower cost, and to more customers, at a scale and rate of change not seen since the industrial revolution. In contrast to the corporate sector, the public and non-profit sectors have seen significantly less application of data science methods. Since 2014, Bloomberg has hosted this yearly conference on applications of data science to problems related to the social good.

This forum has enabled participants from academia, industry, government and NGOs to share insights and progress on applying modern machine learning and data science methods to problems in the public and non-profit sectors.