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Engineering breakfast panel: The NY Times, Refinery29 & The Economist



Private Dining Room
Spring Place
50 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013
United States


Thursday, July 12, 2018 -
8:00am to 9:15am


Join us at Dash for a private breakfast panel with engineering leaders from The New York Times, Refinery29, and The Economist to hear about how these engineering teams use technology to stay competitive in digital media.  Get insights on: How digital media companies build and maintain highly scalable platforms Ensuring reliability of digital platforms with unpredictable spikes in traffic Tackling the challenges of responsive and fast customer experience Responding quickly to incidents that happen in production  PANELISTS Carlos Rymer Engineering Manager at The New York Times  Engineering Manager for the Email & Messaging team at The New York Times, where he focuses on creating a strong culture for high performance and building platform capabilities that enable the delivery of engaging journalism. He’s worked across various tech stacks and work environments over the years, which have led to his strong conviction that how teams interact is critical for delivering business value to customers. Carlo Francisco Engineering Manager at Refinery29 Engineering manager at Refinery29, where he leads up the consumer-facing web and distribution team. He is a fan of emerging web technologies and tools, test-driven development, maintainable frontends, fast service-oriented backends, Agile, functional programming, and JavaScript and Ruby. He previously worked at Groupon in Chicago as a software engineer.  Kathryn Jonas Lead Engineer at The Economist  Lead Engineer for the Content Platform at The Economist and a product of Midwestern comfort food, fantasy novels, and a love for complexity. She's led successful digital transformation implementations including distributed event-driven platforms, content management systems, and database migrations. After studying Political Theory, she found her passion in using technology to solve social problems. She's lead projects for organizations in Beijing, London, and New York, applying technology to diverse challenges such as mission impact evaluation, editorial transparency and trust, and online learning and collaboration. She thrives on engaging software architecture debates and working with animated, empowered teams (and coffee). MODERATOR Ashley Miller Director of Engineering at Datadog Director of Engineering at Datadog where she leads development for Datadog's core analytics products. Her teams create beautiful data visualizations for metrics and infrastructure; build fast, scalable services; and make slick UIs. ABOUT DASH Dash is a new conference that will bring together more than 1,000 engineers across dev and ops who are taking their systems and organizations to the next level of velocity, performance, reliability, and scale. Dash features a mix of speaking sessions, hands-on labs and trainings, and opportunities to make new connections and exchange ideas.