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Funny as Tech: Let's Discuss Tech Ethics! (live panel show featuring Nir Eyal, Robyn Caplan from Data & Society, and Jess Brown UX at VICE)



Peoples Improv Theater, 123 E. 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
United States


Tuesday, March 13, 2018 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm


"In this live show, comedy and tech come together at last. Each month, the tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar and the comedian Joe Leonardo invite a wide range of guests to pick apart and laugh about such matters as algorithms and artificial intelligence." -The New York Times

Our relationship with tech is messy. Let's discuss!


  • Baratunde Thurston (Cultivated Wit, How to Be Black, futurist comedian, The Onion)
  • Douglas Rushkoff (author of Program Or Be Programmed & Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus)
  • Chuck Nice (co-host of Star Talk Radio with Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson)
  • Manoush Zomorodi (host of WNYC's Note To Self Podcast)


Co-hosts David Ryan Polgar (tech ethicist) and Joe Leonardo (comedian) are joined by experts and comedians to help unpack our absurd present and uncertain future. Whether it's selfies, self-driving cars, or post-death communication, we'll laugh all the way to our eventual replacement by robots. Finally, a tech-comedy panel show that tackles the thorniest issues in tech. Each show is taped for podcast.

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