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Lunch Break Open House: Python, FinTech, Blockchain & Workshops @ Byte Academy



Byte Academy
295 Madison Ave Fl 35
New York,
United States


Friday, February 15, 2019 -
12:15pm to 1:15pm


Visit us during your lunch break for a special info session focused on our bootcamp programs and workshops. Kai, our Head of Admissions will lead the session. In addition to a tour and overview of Byte Academy there will be a discussion of our full and part-time bootcamps including Python, FinTech and Blockchain follow by evening workshops such as Python For Excel, Introduction To GitHub, Scrum & Agile For Web Development and more. We'll also answer questions on our outcome-focused education, career curriculum and more. Plus, a meet and greet with instructors.

Prepare your questions! Check out our programs below:

-Blockchain w/ Blokchain Lab:-

- Python Immersive -

- Fintech immersive -

- Part time -

- Python Foundation -

- Intro To Blockchain: 1 Day Workshop

- Intro To Scrum Method & Agile

- Intro To Python For Excel & Data Analysis

- Intro To Git & Github

Please don't forget to brown bag your lunch!