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The New Era of 2020: How to Avoid Hiring Bullies, Liars, Passive Aggressive People and Sociopaths



Online Event
Online Event
Fremont, CA 94539
United States


Friday, March 6, 2020 -
10:00am to 11:00am


It is important to know how to skip hiring bullies, liars, the passive- aggressive people and the sociopaths because these people will damage your workplace culture, create complaints and can even cause lawsuits on both their own behalf and from other employees. Managing them is an almost full time job that requires copious and accurate documentation while watching your own back every day.

Not something, most managers have the time or inclination to do. Once you know what to look for it is downright easy to skip hiring bullies, liars, the passive - aggressive people and the sociopaths.

This webinar provides tips on how to identify attributes of positive psychology, how to judge if a person is genuine or fake so that you avoid hiring bullies.

Why you should Attend:
Hiring people is the most important thing employers do. When you hire a person for your company, your decision will not just affect how that person performs that job, it will affect how everyone in their work group(s) performs their jobs as well.

The bullies, the liars, the passive - aggressive people and the sociopaths are the four types of people, who will ruin ethical, hardworking and talented people right out the door of an organization regardless of compensation, benefits, perks and work life balance.

Had the employer known for what to look and the right questions to ask, they could have easily known to skip getting to know that person any further.

Experts estimate that roughly, 1 in 25 Americans is a sociopath and one study alleges narcissism is growing a rate relative to the growth of obesity!

Areas Covered in the Session:
Dysfunctional applicants can be some of the most polished, capable and charming people, you've ever encountered. How to look past the surface and see the person.
How dysfunctional people can distort and control reality without your even noticing. How to spot when that is occurring
What dysfunctional applicants know that you don't?
Reading between the lines with answers and drilling down to the basis of the matter at hand - hiring the best person
Avoiding hiring dysfunctional persons for management positions. How to avoid being overpowered in the interview and overruled by an overly dazzled interviewing group

Learning Objectives:
Twelve easy tips anyone can do to avoid making hiring mistakes
What we do that makes it easy for dysfunctional people to be hired
What is behavioral interviewing and how to make conducting one easy?
Questions are important but just as important is interpreting answers - How to do both
The 10 things everyone involved in the hiring decision has to do to avoid making hiring mistakes and they are not that hard
Signs to tip you off that the charming, capable person you are interviewing may not be the employee of your dreams

Who Will Benefit:
Safety Personnel
Safety Managers
Risk Management Personnel
HR Associates
Managers and Generalists
Employee Relations
Plant Managers
Business Owners