Why use IBM's Cloud Platform?

Accelerate Your Success

Launch your apps quickly—and build them your way. Use a combination of the most prominent open-source software available along with unique IBM technologies such as IBM Watson, plus third party and experimental services.

IBM Bluemix is your pathway to get started.

IBM Cloud is the rainmaker for startups and developers. Eligible startups can get up to $120K in cloud credits.

If you rely on key technology to build and run your business, do it with a company that’s been in the IT business over 100 years­­, with a proven track record.

IBM Bluemix. Start your free trial.

Widest Range of Cloud Services

Includes: Platform services, DevOps, virtualized, and hybrid environments

Connect with Enterprise Clients

Connect at events like Interconnect and Insight

Cloud Credits to Eligible Startups

Up to $120K USD: Most cloud credits in the industry

Go-to-Market and Mentor Advice

Eligible startups get resources and support with IBM Global Entrepreneur

About IBM Cloud

IBM is now offering more cloud credits to qualified startups than anyone else, period. IBM Global Entrepreneur enables emerging companies to harness the power of IBM Cloud, as well as connect them into IBM’s vast global network of clients, consultants, Innovation Centers, developers, and more. We are the global leader in cloud with an unmatched portfolio of open cloud solutions to enable clients for the hybrid cloud era with integration, control over data, and expertise.

Instant Runtimes

App-centric runtime environments based on Cloud Foundry.

IBM Containers

Portable and consistent delivery of your app without having to manage an OS.

Virtual Machines

Get the most flexibility and control over your environment with VMs.

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