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The Health Lab

The Health Lab collaborates with innovators and entrepreneurs to create sustainable, commercially viable businesses that solve health-related problems. Our goal is to fully support innovators who tackle an exceptional, untapped opportunity related to health and wellness. We do this by providing concentrated and dedicated mentorship to help navigate the unique challenges of a startup.



At The Health Lab we want you to start thinking about your idea in terms of a business. We will help to transition your idea into a livable, breathable place. That’s what we do. That’s the precise reason we only take 2-3 groups every 18 months, it takes time, commitment, dedication, and a team effort to create a viable business. Look through the benefits, and take a look at the sample areas of interest – and submit your application, deck and video – we want to hear all your ideas. Once you submit your application we will get back to you within 3 weeks.