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Columbia Entrepreneur's Organization

Columbia Business School's Entrepreneurs Organization brings students together with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and innovators


Members: 5


The mission of the CEO organization is threefold: Foremost, it is to provide students with the exposure and ability to develop their own entrepreneurial instincts, whether as CEO of their own organization, as business development specialists, or as change agents in existing organizations. Second, the CEO organization, through links to the Lang Center seeks to help individuals hoping to start their own businesses or desiring to develop ideas that they have had, with the contacts, insights, and opportunities to do that. Finally, the CEO organization seeks to place Columbia Business School in a “first-to-mind” position in the thoughts of alumni, investors, and potential students when they look for thought leadership and dynamicism in the entrepreneurial arena.

Activities and Events:

Our strategy for doing this is to create an environment where like-minded students, alumni, faculty, and business leaders can get together and discuss the concerns of each. Through events and activities such as:

  • Lecture series
  • Interactive workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Business plan competitions (co-hosted with the Lang Fund)
  • Site trips
  • Networking events
  • Community service events and much, much, more…