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Wharton Club of New York - Alumni Business Showcase


1324 Lexington Avenue, Suite 409
New York, NY 10128
United States


Welcome to the Wharton Club of New York 2011 Alumni Business Showcase (ABS). ABS has been designed to introduce early-stage businesses founded by Wharton alumni to qualified seed and angel investors.

Starting a business can be loads of fun. Finding early-stage capital, however, usually isn’t –perhaps we can help change that?

Three years ago, the Wharton Club of New York started an annual alumni business plan competition. Unlike the club’s annual Joseph Wharton Dinner which honors the historic contribution of Wharton alumni, the business plan competition was established to provide Wharton entrepreneurs a platform to make future contributions. The original competition was modeled after the annual contest the school’s entrepreneurial management department holds for students but over the past three years it has evolved – serving now to not only to recognize outstanding young companies, but perhaps more importantly, to help them find early-stage capital.

Finding seed and angel round investors and then securing early-stage financing is less than an efficient process. The Wharton Club of New York designed the 2011 Alumni Business Showcase to facilitate that process. Any development stage business entity having a Wharton alumni (graduate or undergraduate division) as part of its team may participate. The Wharton alum may live anywhere in the world.