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Marketing Analyst



As a Marketing Analyst, you will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, and marketing specialists. You will work on large and complex data sets to understand the behavior of Via’s end users, rigorously develop and implement strategies for efficient customer acquisition and retention, and help design and prototype analytical and operational tools that will support Via’s growth at scale.


  • Constantly generate ideas and hypotheses to initiate and carry out experiments and iterative tests.
  • Adeptly interpret and utilize mass quantities of proprietary data to generate insights; leverage results to increase acquisition, conversion, and retention at every touch point.
  • Contribute to creation and implementation of online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborate with our product team to optimize virality and engagement.
  • Improve the user experience by driving new offerings, functionalities, and app design.


  • Independent, enterprising self-starter who is comfortable taking on a high level of responsibility.
  • Data-driven, meticulous, and detail-oriented with a thorough understanding of key growth metrics and statistics.
  • Strong engineering background a plus — proficiency with Python, R, SQL, JavaScript or similar languages is preferred.
  • Good communicator who thrives in a collaborative environment.
  • Always thinking strategically and creatively about ways to hook customers.
  • Exceptional academic record.
  • Prior entrepreneurial experience and/or leadership a plus.

Via offers highly competitive compensation packages and benefits, including equity, health insurance, a flexible vacation policy, and relocation assistance. Via is an equal opportunity employer.


1 - 10 Years Work Experience
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