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VP of R&D - Outernets



Outernets is a New York­based tech startup transforming windows into smart, interactive, digital displays.  We are looking for a visionary VP of R&D to lead product development and take the platform to the next level.    


Here are some qualities we are looking for: ● Desire to see the big picture, come up with creative solutions and architect systems for connected hardware devices and web services ● Strong understanding of the latest web capabilities and bleeding­edge HTML5 APIs ● Ability to hands-­on code very high-level front­end and back­end in javascript plus build and manage an engineering team. ● Know Github! ● Proficiency with data warehousing and analytics using best­in­breed SQL and NoSQL solutions ● Capabilities for deploying and managing containers and hosts on cloud computing services as well as securing and deploying linux­based mini­computers in the field ● Experience with computer vision and machine learning is a big plus and so is hardware experience and skill. ● Experimental in nature. ● Excel at rapid prototyping. Reply to