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5 startups unlocking the mobility revolution

With the transportation sector accounting for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States (at nearly 29 percent), Elemental Excelerator is focused on technologies that can help communities ditch the internal-combustion engine habit.

Cities want to provide people with convenient, equitable, clean transportation options. Unfortunately, upgrading transit systems, redesigning streets or implementing new technologies can be prohibitively expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming. And often, no one wants to be the first to try something new and different, stifling opportunities to significantly move the needle and inhibiting the positive ripple effects that can come from their widespread adoption.

That’s where Elemental Excelerator comes in. We co-fund new mobility projects to de-risk the investment for cities and incumbents. We bring policy and startup experience to bridge the public-private divide and ensure companies’ technologies are deployed in alignment with a city’s vision and mission to make transportation systems more sustainable. And because mobility is highly correlated with economic opportunity, and the lack of reliable and efficient transportation can have a significant effect on quality of life, we work with stakeholders to ensure that innovations support equity and access for all communities.

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