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8 facts to know about startup accelerators across the globe

The proliferation of startup accelerators is being felt by entrepreneurs far and wide.

According to New York-based Gust and Fundacity, more than $199 million was funneled into almost 9,000 startups throughout 2015. The report includes information from 836 organizations (387 of which were accelerators). After perusing the survey findings, it's easy to see how vital startup labs are in helping fledgling CEOs turn offbeat ideas into full-fledged businesses.

Here are some of Gust and Fundacity's findings:

  • VentureOutNY, the program founded by Brian Frumberg, was among the top five most active accelerators in 2015, with 240 startups under its stewardship. The others included Entrepreneurial Spark (660 startups), Plug and Play (403 startups) and Start-Up Chile (250 startups).
  • "Internet of Things" is the most popular category for startups (74 percent), followed by data analytics (65 percent), SaaS (65 percent) and fintech (64 percent)
  • North America (US and Canada) leads with the most investment ($90 million), followed most closely by Europe ($41 million) and Latin America ($31 million)
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