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Aetion Adds Another $19M to its Series B to Make Sense of Drug Development and Treatment Data

Clinical data has the potential to transform the healthcare system and we are in the midst of a healthcare data revolution. However, health care data can be unique and difficult to measure. Aetion, the Real World Evidence Platform®, allows the healthcare industry to make critical decisions about treatments and drug development from a high-level and detailed perspective.  Real World Evidence leads to informed decision-making and Aetion, founded by two physicians from Harvard, enables this with a focus on technology and big data. CEO Carolyn Magill shares more about how the company powers regulators, biopharma, payers, and health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, the company's future plans, and  Aetion’s Series B, which brings the total round size to $82B extension. Aetion has now raised a total of $93.6M across five rounds. Read Complete Article