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ConsenSys and adChain unlock blockchain for digital advertising

AdChain is hosting workshop series Xlabs to educate developers on blockchain development.

Adchain, which uses Ethereum-based blockchain technology tailored to improve the integrity of online advertising, has partnered with decentralised applications studio ConsenSys.

Global ad spending reached $542.55bn (£433.474bn) in 2016, driven by bigger investments in digital advertising – but it's a flawed ecosystem. Digital advertising lacks many of the core building blocks that make it secure, costing the industry billions of dollars a year, said a statement.

The industry's siloed data and limited standards make it impossible to identify many types of fraudulent behavior, and as result nefarious actors exploit gaps and lack of transparency to steal value from the digital supply chain. These issues are exacerbated by continued fragmentation between advertising channels and protocols. The real-time buying and selling of inventory across a wide array of new platforms results in little visibility into who's buying what. A common language to coordinate and eliminate these fraud perpetrators is needed.

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