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Cooks Venture Raises $10M to Breed Chickens That are Healthier Inside and Out

As the COO and Cofounder of Blue Apron (IPO 2017), Matthew Wadiak saw firsthand the problem with the country’s food supply chain. His latest venture, Cooks Venture, is reimagining the chicken farming industry with regenerative agriculture. Slow-growth, heirloom chickens are bred on the 800-acre farm that not only produces healthier chickens for humans but also has a reduced environmental footprint as compared to the “factory farms” where most chickens come from. Today, Cooks Venture announced a $10M Series A round from investors that include SJF Ventures, Cultivian Sandbox, Larry Schwartz, and John Roulac. Wadiak shares some insights on the agriculture industry, where it needs to head, and Cooks’ future plans. Read Complete Article