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Datadog fetches New York tech sector's biggest-ever venture capital–backed IPO

Datadog is one of several companies on Crain's Fast 50 list, ranking as one of the most rapidly-growing companies in the metro area. 

Even if UberLyft and Peloton hadn't fumbled their public market debuts, and even if WeWork hadn't flamed out entirely in its march toward an initial public offering, Datadog would have stood out as a success story on the day it started trading, and not only because its share price popped 39%.

For starters, the Midtown-based cloud-monitoring software venture had for years followed a different path from other tech companies when it came to spending money. Before going public Sept. 19, Datadog had not raised any venture capital financing since a $95 million round in early 2016. And the fast-growing company still had more than $60 million in the bank.

But in addition to making efficient use of its capital, Datadog has long stood out as a deep-tech, business-to-business venture of a kind that is rarely found in New York. And it had the good fortune of going public at a time when investors prized the predictability of B2B software businesses and were growing skittish about consumer-facing firms that suffer heavy losses while pursuing growth.

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