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Digital.NYC Announces Yosi as July 2016 Startup to Watch

Yosi is a cloud-based patient check-in and communication platform that helps patients manage their care across various physicians, improving efficiencies

Digital.NYC, the official online hub of the New York City startup and technology ecosystem, today announced Yosi, an app that improves patient experience and front office productivity, as the July 2016 Startup to Watch. Yosi, an innovative, New York-based startup, drew the most attention from visitors to Digital.NYC over the month of June. 

Yosi, founded in December 2014, allows patients to check-in, communicate with office staff, and keep track of their health information across all providers in one place. The free app stores medical insurance card and ID information, as well as answers to the typical questions found on medical intake forms. The patent-pending technology improves medical office efficiencies by eliminating excess paperwork on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. 

Hari Prasad, Jonathan Feistmann, Tal Raviv, and Sathish Gururajan identified long wait times as a common thread among their experiences with hospital and doctor visits.  In response they co-founded Yosi to improve medical visits for both patients and healthcare professionals. Yosi eliminates the discomfort of filling out paperwork with a broken wrist or high fever. The extra time saved also cuts the duration of a visit for the patient, and helps doctors with a seamless schedule. 

“Yosi is ‘autocomplete’ for the patient to doctors’ office experience. It securely holds necessary medical information for patients and helps doctors’ offices focus on what is important: medical outcomes,” said Marcos Dinnerstein, Editor of Digital.NYC. “We are excited to join the many visitors to Digital.NYC who took a real interest in Yosi and made it the Digital.NYC Startup to Watch for July 2016.

For an inside look at Yosi read our interview with CEO Hari Prasad here.

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