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EdSights is the Text-Based Chatbot That Solves the College Dropout Crisis

Even though there are record numbers of people applying to colleges, retention rates are still an issue that every college faces, particularly public universities. According to an Educational Policy Institute study of 43 schools, there were only three public universities with graduation rates 90 percent and more of an entering class. EdSights is the machine learning-powered text messaging chatbot that colleges can deploy to understand why students are dropping out and, hopefully, prevent it by directing students to on-campus resources, as necessary. The conversational capabilities of the EdSights platform allows colleges to develop a better understanding of the primary causes and concerns that lead students to withdraw – whether its homesickness or difficulty balancing schoolwork while working a job.  EdSights service costs ranges from $5 per student to $15 per student, compared to the figure that the average academic institution lost $9,910,811 as a result of students dropping out. EdSights affirms that it can increase retention by at least 7% and save institutions millions in tuition revenue.

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