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Five Immigration Lawyers Who Specialize In Startups

New York City is a hotbed of immigrant entrepreneurial activity. Approximately 48% of the city’s businesses are immigrant-owned, from mom and pop shops to visionary tech startups.

Launching a business as a new immigrant is beyond challenging, however, it might seem like child’s play compared to slogging through the labyrinthine, near harrowing, world of obtaining a U.S. work visa. It’s a tedious, maddening process—especially for tech entrepreneurs who are racing against the clock—due in part to the U.S.’s outdated immigration system. But there is help for the immigrant entrepreneur. A new wave of immigration attorneys has emerged, experts in both immigration and startup law.

Five New York City immigration lawyers talk about their professional visa experiences, from A to Z, or H1-B to O-1A, as the case may be. They highlight some of the creative solutions they found for their clients, at a time when obtaining a U.S. work visa seemed like an insurmountable wall.

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