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Governor Cuomo wants to test self-driving subways in NYC

During a three-day trip to Jerusalem last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo toured the offices of Mobileye–a supplier of autonomous driving software—with the possibility of applying those same technologies to the MTA. “We have seen tremendous growth in software development for navigational systems to make automobiles safer and more reliable, and if this software works well on the road then we owe it to commuters to test its application for train and rail,” Cuomo said in a statement.

Modernizing the MTA’s signal technology is one of the agency’s top priorities. Cuomo has been critical of the Communications Based Train Control system (“There’s better technology out there,” he said to the Daily News a few months ago) implemented on the 7 and L lines while advocating for ultra-wideband technology, a higher-tech communications-based train control system that might be more efficient and easier to install, though still unproven.

“The MTA spends millions of dollars on navigational tools, and we want to look beyond the handful of companies who essentially have a monopoly on the rail system to develop a navigation program capable of supporting the 21st-century transit system New Yorkers need and deserve,” Cuomo added in the aforementioned statement.

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