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Inside the Mind of a New York VC: Issam Freiha of Alrai Capital

Welcome back to Inside the Mind of an NYC VC, a new series at AlleyWatch in which we speak with New York City-based Venture Capitalists. In the hot seat this time is Issam Freiha, Cofounder and Partner at Alrai Capital. Alrai’s first fund is a $10M fund focused on transportation technology.  The firm is currently raising its second fund that will have a broader mandate to include investments in deep tech, consumer tech, and digitally-enabled marketplaces. Issam stopped by to talk about the genesis of the two-year old firm, its investment thesis, autonomous vehicles, the role of government, and much, much more.

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Bart Clareman, AlleyWatch: Tell us about your journey into the venture business and how you came to found Alrai Capital?

Issam Freiha, Alrai Capital: I’ve been passionate about investing for most my life. In college, I studied finance and data science. I joined the board of the largest finance community on campus and worked for the student run investment fund.

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