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Meet Splacer, the kibbutz-inspired startup that wants to be Airbnb for commercial spaces

As space becomes more expensive, owners will look to utilize it more hours per day, or so the thinking goes.

In the future, we’re going to have a different way of understanding the city around us and the buildings that inhabit it. With space at a premium, we’ll build more efficiently rather than just building higher. Space, when not in use by its owners, will be rented out on demand, filling it up for more hours each week. Real estate, optimized.

That’s the vision of the founders of Splacer, a new Williamsburg-based startup that’s trying to do what Airbnb did for homes, but for offices and stores.

“Sharing spaces is the future,” said Adi Biran, the company’s cofounder, in an interview at the company’s Williamsburg headquarters.

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