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MTA will pilot cutting-edge tech to improve subway and buses

The MTA is partnering with four startups to test out cutting-edge tech geared toward improving the city’s subway and buses, the authority announced Tuesday. Each company made it through the Transit Tech Lab—a program run by the Transit Innovation Partnership and Partnership Fund for New York City that seeks to accelerate the process of introducing new technology into the transit system—and will launch a year-long pilot program to test out their newfangled products aimed at improving commutes for the millions of straphangers who travel on the city’s buses and subways each day.

MTA President and CEO Patrick Foye called the pilots a “win-win” for the MTA and riders.

“We’re taking a totally new approach,” Foye said at a Tuesday press conference. “Under traditional MTA procurement the results of these four innovators and disruptors could have taken years and years to get through the bureaucracy. This was done in a period of months.”

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