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New York City Broadband RFI Generates Strong Response


About a month remains before responses to New York City's Request for Information are due, part of the city's quest to deploy affordable, equitable, gigabit-speed broadband citywide.

About four weeks remain until responses to New York City’s Request for Information (RFI) are due, an early step in its quest to roll out equitable, affordable, gigabit-speed broadband to more than 8.5 million people across more than 300 square miles.

It’s not yet clear how far into 2018 New York City will push to stand up citywide broadband. But responses to the RFI, issued last month from the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer, must be submitted on or before Jan. 19 — and interest, so far, is high.

Officials seek to identify “potential strategies and partnerships” leveraging “the best of public and private sources” to expand the availability and affordability of Internet as well as “maximize the benefits of competition,” according to the document.

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