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No One Likes Workplace Drama and This NYC Startup is Getting Rid of It

The workplace has its disputes — some uglier than others. When tensions are high and you need a way to address a sticky situation, you need Bravely at your side. It’s an on-demand conflict coaching and communication guidance platform tailored to the workplace. Billing itself as Urgent Care for HR, Bravely provides advice to manage uncomfortable workplace situations and schedules conversations with all the involved parties with expert coaches and HR professionals to resolve conflict before it breeds into a larger problem within an organization. A growing contributing factor to employee turnover, workplace conflict and tension is an issue that has traditionally often ignored. Founded by a former Gilt Groupe employee, Bravely crafts a better work environment through improved conflict resolution and communication.

Today we sit down cofounder and CEO Toby Hervey to chat about the company, its origin, its future plans, and the future of work.

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