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This NYC Startup Just Raised $11M So That Your Housing Situation is Not a Nightmare

City living is expensive and housing is at the top of the expense list. One of the ways to soften the blow is to find roommates to minimize costs.   However, finding the ideal roommate is not always easy, especially in a city like New York. First you may think to turn to your friends and colleagues who you trust. The timing usually does not work out with them and then you turn to Craig’s List with your fingers crossed, hoping you end up with someone who is sane but essentially a stranger. Roomi is a more viable alternative. It’s a dedicated marketplace for shared housing where users can list their empty spaces and have potential roommates apply in a safe and secure setting. The platform offers safety features like verified listings, background checks, and in-app messaging to ensure that your next roommate situation does not turn into a nightmare.

Today, we chat with CEO and Founder Ajay Yadav (Forbes 30U30 ’17) about the genesis of the idea, its growth, future plans, and most recent round of funding.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

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