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This NYC Startup Raised $15M to Help Students Be More Resourceful

The collective unconscious, the term coined by Carl Jung to describe the shared element of the human mind is an interesting idea to ponder about, but pales in comparison to what can be accomplished by using our collective consciousness. And what better way to take advantage of everyone else’s mind than by using online forums to help us get ahead of the game at school. With Brainly, you are accessing an online social community where you can post whatever material you need help with and expect to get real people to save you time on your studying. The platform is available in 35 different countries using 12 different languages and is finally putting our collective knowledge to good use.

Today, we sit down with the team at Brainly to learn more about online learning space through this medium as well as discuss the most recent round of funding.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

The recent investment was series B. We’ve raised $15 million from Naspers.

Tell us about your product or service

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