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Pretty Sure That Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google Are Bad.

The new tech oligarchs are terrible for our economy, argues Scott Galloway’s “The Four.” Except …maybe not.

Scott Galloway has to be pleased with the timing of his recent book The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Published just three weeks before Facebook and Google’s highly anticipated Congressional testimony, the book feels as timely as a New York Times OpEd calling for more regulatory scrutiny of our tech overlords. (There have been a lot of those lately).

But Galloway is no johnny-come-lately to the genre — he’s been dining out on “the Four” for years. He’s one of a very few consistent critics of tech whose arguments are based on principles of economics and business, rather than cultural (Foer) or social objections (Tufecki). In this his first book, he’s polished his arguments to a brilliant sheen. If you’re already skeptical of these companies’ power, you’ll come away from The Fourconvinced of the danger they represent to society. But if you’re not, it’s likely you’ll be more angry than won over by his arguments.

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