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Putting New York City’s Waterfront at the Heart of a Renewable Energy Revolution

How offshore wind farms could reactivate the city’s ports, shrink its carbon footprint and boost economic development. A new wind blows steadily along the U.S. East Coast, launching a whole new industry with New York City at the center of it all. Until three years ago, all wind energy in the U.S. came from land-based turbines. Today, the East Coast looks to a pipeline of offshore wind (OSW) energy projects, or ocean-based wind farms, that could generate more than 20 gigawatts (or 20,000 megawatts) of power within 10 years. Compare that with Europe, the leader in offshore wind energy, where it took 30 years to install 18.5GW of capacity.

To put those numbers in perspective, consider how offshore wind energy would change the game in the most load-strained parts of New York State. According to the plan, offshore wind energy could power up to one million homes in New York City and Long Island within five years. That energy would be generated by two projects: Sunrise Wind, a joint venture between the Danish energy company Ørsted and New England’s Eversource; and Empire Wind, a project of the Norwegian company Equinor (previously known as Statoil).



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