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Relish is the Relationship Training App That Uses Machine Learning to Bring Happiness to Couples

Relationships take work. Every couple fights; the most common arguments stem from money and delegation of responsibilities, but not every couple takes the time to step back to truly assess and work on their relationship. Relish is the relationship training app that gives couples a convenient and personalized way for couples to strengthen their relationship. The app provides unlimited access to a qualified relationship coach and uses machine learning to generate a customized, scientifically-backed relationship plan. Users can use Relish alone, or with their partner. It costs $99.99 a year per couple to belong to the platform, a small price to pay for a lifetime of happiness.

AlleyWatch sat down with Relish CEO and Founder Lesley Eccles to learn more about the app that’s fueling healthier relationships through technology.  Eccles is a serial entrepreneur who cofounded FanDuel with her husband and it’s the experience of building a high-growth company and the close interpersonal relationships involved that inspired the idea for Relish.

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