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Replika Software is the Retail Platform Empowering Brand Loyalty Online

According to a 2018 Salesforce report from 6K consumers and 1.4B e-commerce visits, 87% of consumers begin their shopping journey through digital channels. Despite this staggering number, many brands struggle to build brand loyalty from online shoppers, who are aware of the conspicuous, transactional nature of the traditional customer relationship. Replika solves this problem by giving social sellers (influencers & online sales associates) a suite of tools that adds authenticity and emotion to the online shopping experience. This multifunctional platform includes curation tools, allowing social sellers to build inspirational, personal webpages connected to the brand’s website, and a marketing platform so social sellers can create optimized brand-safe social posts that lead to transactions. Additionally, Replika has a platform for brands to expand and manage the relationships with these social sellers.

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