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Seven sectors where NYC tech firms are making waves

In the past five years, what used to be called Silicon Alley, a tiny sliver of the city’s economy, has transformed itself into a thriving ecosystem where founders, engineers, investors and talent of all kinds are determined to transform a host of industries (as Cara Eisenpress and I explored in “Tech takes over”).

The most recognizable companies are seeking to dominate consumer spending in areas ranging from wedding registries to mattresses to meal delivery. But we also discovered that startups and a few operations that have achieved scale are making inroads in at least six more sectors.

Early on, New York dominated online media as it dominated traditional media. Verizon’s Oath—the 20-plus digital content brands formerly of Yahoo and AOL—is profitable, and well-known names like Business Insider, BuzzFeed and Vice have found audiences, advertisers and new business streams. Up-and-comers like Bustle and are following them. The top five online media sites are based in New York. San Francisco has none.

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