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Spotlight on: Rare Carat, Digital.NYC's Startup to Watch for November 2016

Each month as part of Digital.NYC’s Startups to Watch program we connect with the winning company to find out more about them. Here's what we learned in a recent talk with Ajay Anand, Founder of Rare Carat.

Digital.NYC: Tell us about your company. What does Rare Carat do?

We're Kayak for Diamonds + IBM Watson.

Digital.NYC: What is your background?

I've been an BCG consultant, actor, musician, started a co that builds software for the UN to use in 50 countries.

By education, I have a Wharton MBA, Penn MA, and a UMich BBA.

Digital.NYC: How did you come up with the idea and the name for Rare Carat? 

Got engaged last year and was really stunned no one had built a good user-centered meta search and analysis site.

"Rare Carat" was the winner in a naming competition we had among friends.

Digital.NYC: Who is your target customer?

For now, we're looking at guys and girls getting engaged - it's an age group and customer we understand.

Digital.NYC: How do you think Rare Carat is going to disrupt the market? What are the main differentiators between you and your competitors?

I think we'll help bring transparency and take some of the pain out of this huge purchase. We're not selling anything, so we can afford to be unbiased.

Tech is our differentiator - we're leveraging neat applications of data science, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Digital.NYC: What else might our readers be interested to know about Rare Carat

IBM has been instrumental in our success thus far. The Global Entrepreneurship Program team set us up with Bluemix cloud credits, and made connections to the .NET, Watson, and VR experts at IBM who are engaged (pun intended) with us in building pretty neat product.

Digital.NYC: Why did you chose New York City as your base for Rare Carat?

It's the diamond capital of the U.S.!

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