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Tech, Private Markets, And A Trump Presidency: How The US Election Will Impact The Global VC Ecosystem

From carried interest to cybersecurity to tech talent concerns, VCs analyze the impact of Trump's victory on startups and tech.

The US is the center of the global venture capital and startup ecosystem, and US-based investors have become increasingly global in terms of their reach into private markets in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere.

The decision yesterday by US voters to elect the underdog Republican candidate Donald Trump as president will no doubt have significant effects on startups in tech, biotech, and private markets in general.

Here are the top concerns and likely impacts, according to early views we rounded up from VCs, investors, and analysts, with our own data for context. We assembled a similar roundup of investors’ thoughts and concerns following the Brexit vote, and more than one investor noted the parallels between the Brexit and US presidential votes for private markets.

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