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These 2 MIT Grads Just Raised $2M to Redefine Business Insurance

As a small business, the victories feel better, yet, the defeats hurt a lot more. One fiasco and you may find yourself in a legal situation that bigger companies are prepared for but your small company is not equipped to handle. So your best bet is to get business insurance coverage that can help you mitigate your risk while paying what you need. CoverWallet has you covered as you can easily monitor your insurance policy as well by by working with a company that understands your unique situation.

We spoke with cofounder Inaki Berenguer and received the inside scoop on what makes CoverWallet worth the a try.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

I cofounded the company in Sep 2015 with Rashmi Melgiri. We met when we were in business school at MIT, and she is one of the smartest, more hardworking and fun people I know. And we have raised ~$2M in Convertible Notes (pre-seed).

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