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Thinking About Crowdfunding? 5 Keys to Bringing in Money

A proper crowdfunding campaign does more than just raise money. It's a force multiplier as you enter the marketplace.

Most crowdfunding advice is aimed at artists, musicians and lone gadget inventors. For those of us who run startups, crowdfunding can also be a powerful tool--but leveraging it gets harder every year. Despite being a $60 billion industry, crowdfunding is far from easy money, and entrepreneurs need to know what they're doing to approach the crowd as a serious funding round.

Done well, however, the benefits can be enormous. Unlike traditional investors, a successful crowdfunding campaign offers a lot more than money. It lets you test the market, polish your concept, and build a customer base before you ever launch your business. So how do you make your campaign explode? Here are five key lessons that go beyond the usual buzz.

1. Start the planning before the planning Read Complete Article