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ThirdLove, the buzzy online bra startup that publicly slammed Victoria's Secret for its lack of inclusivity, is opening its first pop-up store in New York

Heidi Zak set up online underwear brand Thirdlove so that women wouldn't have to go to a store to shop for bras. "Nobody wants to go bra shopping," she said in a conversation with Business Insider in September 2018. "I believe we can really solve the fit question," she said, adding that stores were not in the pipeline. "My focus is on digital and continuing to iterate and build on it."

ThirdLove solved the "fit question" by offering an online quiz known as a "fit finder," where customers are asked to complete a series of questions to determine their ideal bra shape. To date, more than 12 million women have taken the quiz, according to the brand. Each time a customer does, the algorithm becomes that much smarter.

Now, nearly a year later, ThirdLove is making its first foray into brick and mortar and opening a pop-up store in New York that will stay open until the end of 2019.

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